83rd Texas Legislature is in session

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AUSTIN, TX – It’s that time again in Austin, when state lawmakers are back in the saddle again,

The 83rd Texas Legislature is underway, and this time around, state lawmakers aren’t pinching pennies, as least not as much as in the past.

State Comptroller of Public Accounts Susan combs predicts lawmakers will have more than $208 billion to play with over the next two years. Of that, $3.6 billion will go into the ‘Rainy Day Fund’, bring that stash to $11.8 billion.

Trouble is, a couple a hundred billion dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to, especially with everyone wanting a cut.

Public schools want lawmakers to give back the $5.4 billion they took away last time, and they’re gonna want even more over the next two years.

Then there’s the $73 million some lawmakers want to give back to family planning services, like Planned Parenthood that provide abortion services.

Some lawmakers want to take a billion dollars out of the Rainy Day Fund for water projects, especially important because of the drought and because of our population increase.

State colleges and universities are tired of being asked to provide more with less, so they`ll be sniffing around Austin looking for a spare billion or more.

So, between Austin and Washington, we’re gonna get a close-up view of how political sausage is made, and that’s never a pretty sight.


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