91-year-old veteran receives POW Medal


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LAKEWOOD, CO – Some tributes come only with the passing of time.

One man, who risked his life almost 70 years ago, has finally gotten the award he deserves.

At 91-years-old, Sgt. Frank Dechant, surrounded by his wife and sons, was awarded the Congressional Prisoner Of War medal.

In World War II, during the Battle of the Bulge, Sergeant Dechant was captured by Nazis and forced into a prison camp.

Dechant describes his experience, “You’d lick the bolt heads to get moisture, cause you’re so dry that anything like moisture would taste good….”I’ve seen a lot of comrades die there…either diarrhea or dysentery…they’d just fall over dead.”

Some things, like Sgt. Dechant’s heroism, grow even more impressive with time.


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