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MIAMI, FL – The US Coast Guard now says Hurricane Joaquin sank the cargo ship El Faro to the bottom the sea.

A search team recovered a life ring from the US flagged vessel out of Jacksonville, FL.

“We also recovered a lifeboat that had the markings of El Faro on it,” said Capt. Mark Fedor of the US Coast Guard. “It was heavily damaged, but it was recovered. No signs of life there. In one of the survival suits, we did identify human remains in one of the survival suits.”

The El Faro was on its way to Puerto Rico with 33 crew members aboard, 28 of them American. Its last message came Thursday while in the eye of the storm off the Bahamas.

And for those wondering, yes, the El Faro disappeared just inside the Bermuda Triangle.

Meantime, in South Carolina, the heavy rains have let up, but the flooding is far from over. Hurricane Joaquin sent more than two feet of rain in some parts of South Carolina.

The resulting floods killed at least nine people. Two died in North Carolina.

Search and rescue operations are under way all around the South Carolina where more than 200 took place over the weekend.

The governor shut down all interstates around Columbia because of the dangers posed by flood waters. More than 550 roads and bridges remain closed around the state.

Twenty-six thousand are without electricity, and 40,000 are without water, or least water you can drink, not the water that can wash away your vehicles and houses and anyone foolish enough to try to take on Mother Nature at her worst.