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Move over Houston Texans, because it looks like robots have taken over NRG stadium- But in a good way.

The first, or for inspiration and recognition of science and technology, robotics football showcase kicked off tuesday at the gridiron and it was a blast – literally.

“This is amazing. It’s really cool to build something and see it work and to be out on the field and competing and see all the other teams and the work they put into their robot as well.” Exclaimed Richard of Team 4587, the Jersey Voltage.

This contest put four Houston High School teams head to head with their custom built football-bots as they battled it out in four different competitions that tested agility, passing accuracy, long distance throw, and a kick off challenge. So it’s sort of like a mechanical Punt-Pass-and Kick contest.

“STEM is one of the most important things we can teach our students right now. There are so many careers that are only open to students who excelling in science and technology.” Noted Allen Gregory, the engineering coach for team 3847 Spectrum. He continued,

“Mostly the problem is that (students) just don’t know if they like it. So we have to find ways like this robotics program that get them interested and hands on experience doing it.”

Texas is one of the key places for youth robotics with over 100 official stem schools, and we’re one of only 3 states that recognize robotics as a sanctioned sport.

As a result, many think programs like this will get our youngsters’ gears turning faster so they have no problem reaching their future goals.

“Robotics is the only sport where pretty much everybody can go pro. Everybody can become an engineer and in fact, the US needs as many engineers as they can get.” Said Scott Rippeto, the engineering coach of Team 1477, the Texas Torque.

But no word on if any of these machines will ever replace QB Brock Osweiler and his 72 million dollar contract, but hey- If a dog like Air Bud can play football, why can’t a robot?