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SPRING, Texas — It`s a position you would never want to find yourself in, being held at gunpoint. That happened to two women Wednesday night in a Target parking lot in Spring, Texas. Police say a carjacker approached a woman in her car but she ran off. That`s when officials say the suspect approached another victim but she wasn`t so lucky, the carjacker shot her in the head and got away with her Kia Optima.

What could you do if you were in a similar situation? The folks at Haganah Houston – Israeli Self Defense give some pointers.

“The number one thing is awareness, if you see it coming you get away early, punch it, hit the accelerator and get away. If you do have a situation where you do get jerked out of the car, one of the best things to do is run. It`s hard to hit a moving target…nothing you own is worth your life,” explained John Peek of Haganah Houston, Israeli Self Defense.

But if you do get the training, then you`ll have a few other options. If the situation allows, you can disarm the assailant and take control of the situation. But even with the best training, caution is key.

“Where`s that bullet going to go when you move the gun? You may do a perfectly good gun disarm only to have somebody else injured or killed,” added Peek.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid a fight because it just might save your life.