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CONROE, TX – Remember preschool days when some kids would fight, and then teachers would jump in to stop it?

Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case at some daycare centers around the country, and it certainly wasn’t the case for a daycare near Lake Conroe.

“Thats the last thing you want — for your baby to feel like he’s gonna get hurt when he goes to school today,” said Heather Howerton, a mother of a four-year-old son who used to go to Children’s Universe, the daycare center in Lake Conroe where she says her son was encouraged by daycare staff to fight.

Now, she’s filed a lawsuit in Montgomery County after she says her son was encouraged by teachers to fight another four-year-old child at the daycare center last December.

“This has been an ongoing issue. My attorney has tried to speak with the daycare facility and try to resolve things that way but they wouldn’t,” says Howerton.
Get this— she found out about the fight when she got a call from Child Protective Services informing her that her son was involved in an abuse report.  She says the call came in at least three days after the fight!

To make matters worse— mom Heather says one of the teachers recorded the fight and uploaded it to social media– it was taken down soon after.

“She’s completely distraught, very upset and wants a lot of her questions answered, “said Howerton’s Attorney, Greg Fibich.

The concerned mother says her son is still suffering from the incident and that he’s even seeing a counselor.

Brooke Leax, owner of Children’s Universe sent NewsFix a statement in response to our inquiry about the suit:

“At the present time, we have not been officially notified of any lawsuit. The incident in question occurred close to a year ago and was first reported to the authorities by myself and our director. We cooperated 100% in the investigation which was closed by the police and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services several weeks later. The employee in question had been terminated for unrelated reasons prior to the initial report.”