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HEMPSTEAD, TX – Accusations of prisoner mistreatment are nothing new in Hempstead, Texas. Now we’re hearing from a woman who claims to have been drugged and molested while in the Waller County Jail. Troylencia Wolfe-Anderson claims the incident happened in January 2015, after a traffic stop by a state trooper in Prairie View. Noticing Troylencia had a warrant for another traffic incident years ago, the office took her to the Waller County Jail.

Troylencia then claims the food and drink she was given at the jail was drugged, causing her to pass out. But it was what she heard while falling unconscious, that makes her believe she was sexually molested behind bars. Troylencia says, “He said he got his already. And he got’s his monkey rolled up already. And look at her body, she look like she got the measles. That’s very degrading stuff.”

Troylencia was released 24 hours later, but was never medically checked out for sexual abuse. A press release from the Waller County Sheriff’s Office says that while some of the accusations are not accurate, the Texas Ranger are conducting an investigation into the matter. Interesting to point out, Troylencia is the first cousin of Hempstead’s Mayor Mike Wolfe. She went to her family member a few days after her alleged incident for help. The Mayor has yet to intervene. A disturbing story that has many versions. We’ll just have to wait and see how this one turns out.