HOUSTON(KIAH) A lawsuit has been filed in the Federal District Court in Texas to prevent the future removal of books and reinstate books that government officials in Llano County have already removed.

The complaint alleges that under the pretext of eradicating “pornography,” government officials prepared a list of library books to ban based on their content and viewpoints, which deal with American history, critical race theory, gender identity, and sexuality. According to the complaint, none of the books are even remotely pornographic and, instead, are being singled out based purely on the political viewpoints and subject matter they present.

“Information is one of the fundamental parts of our democracy. The first amendment is one of our most fundamental constitutional rights. We all lose when anyone tries to tell people what they can and cannot read,” said Katherine Chiarello, Partner, Wittliff Cutter, PLLC.

The plaintiffs have now filed for a preliminary injunction in Federal Court in Austin.