A look at Obama’s legacy before he gives his farewell address

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HOUSTON — President Barack Obama will make his final address to the nation Tuesday night.

Looking back on his legacy, just how well did president No. 44 do? Newsfix asked political science professor Jay Ayier to give us his final grade.

When it comes to racial relations, Ayier said the president earns a solid 'B.'

“There's a tendency to want to say the country seems more divided than it has been before. We were certainly more united in his election," Ayier said.

President Obama walked into office under a terrible economy.

“I would give him an 'A.' There was regulatory changes as it relates to housing, and the way you`re dealing with the market. I think the government intervention in the auto industry was clearly something they did that helped bolster that,” the professor said.

But for many, Obama will be remembered for the controversial healthcare legislation, the Affordable Care Act — that will be forever remembered as Obamacare.

“I would say it`s an 'A," Ayier said. "The scope and size of this was massive, whether it continues to last I think is questionable, but the shear ability to have gotten something like that done is historical."

Obama pulled some great grades form the professor, and hey — the man still pulls crowds. Tickets for his farewell address were being sold for as much as $5,000 online.


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