A Montrose club shooting leaves area residents worried

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HOUSTON, Texas — A Montrose neighborhood is now on edge, after a night out turns tragic. A robbery in the “F Bar” parking lot in Montrose leaves one 22-year-old man dead and his car stolen.

Richard Garcia, who was at the bar on Wednesday night described the scene, “Out of nowhere we heard a big bang, and after we heard that everyone just rushed into the club and they were telling everyone to stay tight.”

“The shooting happened in the side parking lot back here. The victim managed to make it back towards the club before he collapsed,” described HPD Homicide Detective Michael Burrows.

Police say another attack, a few blocks from the club, on Milam street, may be connected. That victim was transported to a local hospital.

“The suspect description is the same, it`s very close down the street and we`ve got a shooting incident over there as well that looks to be a robbery,” explained Burrows.

Area business owners are concerned, but say the club has a responsibility.

Ronnie Jackson owner of Ronnie Jackson Mercedes, located across the street from F Bar commented, “There`s a lot of crackheads in the neighborhood and the club just attracts a lot of bad people so we need more security, the club does.”

“They should be providing security to their patrons. If you`re bringing this amount of people into the neighborhood on a nightly basis and especially on the weekends, I think it`s an obligation that they provide security,” said Dennis Murland of Pictures Plus.

The club tells NewsFix, police security presence will be increased from three nights a week to six.

The two suspects are described as black males, 20 to 25 years old, about 5`6″, and weigh around 150 -160 lbs. One was seen with a dark sweater, dark baggy pants, wearing a red and black skull cap. The other was wearing a dark sweatshirt and baggy shorts.

The missing vehicle is a 2005 black Ford sedan with the license plate CWR 1480. These are the  only clues so far, in the wake of a horrible night on the town.



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