A Nun from El Salvador broke her vows and became pregnant

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RIETA, ITALY – There’s a reason why they’re called nuns. That’s how much sex they should be having, as in “none” but a 33 year old woman of faith from El Salvador has likely failed to recall her vow of chastity and now this “sister” is a “mother”.

While staying at her Italian convent, Roxana Rodriguez claimed she was having stomach cramps and was rushed to the hospital. But when the doctors saw the nun from the Order of the Little Disciples, they found out she was about to deliver a new little disciple of her own. Sister Rodriguez (who claimed to have no idea she was pregnant) gave birth to a boy she named him Francis, in honor of the current Pope.

Seems like the nun, who renews her vows ever September, couldn’t kick the habit and had some hanky panky on a trip back to her homeland last spring. She claims the baby-daddy is an old flame from El Salvador. Looks like being a vestal virgin wasn’t her virtue after all.

The new mother is thrilled with little Francis, but the church isn’t giving the birth their blessing. The convents Mother Superior has stated, “It seems she was not able to resist temptation.” And to that we say, you got that right, sister!



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