A pothole haunts Houston drivers at Bellaire Blvd.

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s one crater that’s causing havoc for drivers.”It’s pretty loud, especially if you don’t see it, if you just come right up on it, it’s like a loud boom,” explained Sheena Binkley.

Today’s Pothole Of The Day is located on Bellaire Boulevard at Atwell Street in Southwest Houston.

Like many of Houston’s potholes, this ditch in the road has already been repaired at least once, but seems determined to haunt motorists.

“Instead of re-patching it each time, they need to fix it,” added Binkley.

Commuters do their best to avoid this tire cruncher, but unfortunately, they don’t see it until it’s too late.

“It’s getting bigger, that’s another thing, so it’s starting to become a nuisance.”

Bellaire is one of Houston’s busier roads, so the message to the city is clear, “They just need to fix it, fix the streets, not only just for us and our cars but just to make the city better.”



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