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BOISE, ID – These days, guys don’t just ask girls to prom; they stage elaborate, sometimes ridiculous “prom-posals.” But a Boise, Idaho teen who went above and beyond to ask “Destiny” to prom this spring could be in deep trouble.

“There is the possibility of federal charges for whoever did this,” said Patrick Orr, spokesman for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

The cliff face where someone spray painted his prom-posal is owned by the Bureau of Land Management and is culturally significant to Native Americans. It’s also a popular site for rock climbers, who’ve taken care of the area.

“There`s a group that comes out here and does a lot of cleaning, trail maintenance, wall maintenance,” said climber Jarod Murray. “It’s just sad.”

When climbers found the vandalism last spring, local sheriff’s deputies tried to track down Destiny and her would-be date. Striking out then, they’re at it again now that school’s back in session.

“Hopefully that person will just come forward,” said Orr.

Who’d have thought a kid’s date with Destiny could go so wrong?