Aaron Hernandez questioned by police in murder investigation

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policeNORTH ATTLEBORO, MA – New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, found himself in a tight spot after a dozen state police showed up at his up-scale house with a warrant in hand.

They questioned Hernandez for hours about a possible homicide. The victim was a supposed associate of his.

According to Sports Illustrated, the body of a 27-year-old man was found by a jogger in a clearing less than a mile from Hernandez’s house; which is what led police to Hernandez even though he is not believed to be a suspect.

Police were also seen talking to 2 men as they attempted to drive from Hernandez’s house. Minutes later, each was escorted away.

Hernandez was the fourth-round pick outta Florida in 2010 and just signed a five-year extension with the Patriots last summer for a reported $40 million.

Good thing, he may need to hire an expensive lawyer.

Oh, and Hernandez played college ball with Tim Tebow who is now his fellow teammate. Maybe he can say a little prayer for Hernandez.

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