Acres Home library gets a new name

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HOUSTON – Acres Home; it`s a roughly 9-square mile community in northwest Houston. And now the Acres Home Neighborhood Library is getting a slight lift. Not a construction re-do, but a new name.

Back in September, the Houston City Council approved the name change. It`ll now be known as the Beulah Shepard-Acres Homes Neighborhood Library.

Beulah Shepard was a community leader and so much more. In fact, she had so much influence on making the community better, she was known as the community`s mayor. She campaigned for Houston`s first black city council member. She also helped get the community a new pool, library and so much more. And get this, she even has a day in her honor. Houston mayor Annise Parker proclaimed September 18, 2012 as Beulah Shepard-Acres Homes Neighborhood Library Day in Houston.

The name change, a small token of appreciation for someone who did so much for their community.


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