Acres Homes Celebrates Juneteenth with Mayor Turner

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HOUSTON – The fifth annual Acres Home parade celebrating Juneteenth took place in Houston today. The parade was resurrected five years ago by Acres Homes resident and Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner. Juneteenth, which became an official holiday in Texas on January 1, 1980, celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the south. Til this day, Texas and Oklahoma are the only two states that recognize Juneteenth as a legal holiday.

Today the residents of Acre Homes were excited to have the mayor celebrate this historic holiday in their community.

“I am really in salute of the Juneteenth celebration. It means so much for us to respect our trailblazers,” said Acre Homes resident, Elaine Moody.

“Sylvester Turner just made me so emotional, I just had to come out here and support him today.”

With over sixty entries and hundreds of onlookers, there was plenty of support going around. Dozens of marching bands, drill teams, and dancers, along with several sponsors, made their way along the parade route to the cheers of spectators. Longtime resident, Melvin Jones Jr., was excited to see the community come together.

“It means a whole lot to the community. It makes it look brighter and everything. “

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