Activists rally against U.S. attack on Syria

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HOUSTON ---Less than 24 hours after President Trump ordered military strikes on Syria and declaring it "mission accomplished," local Houston activists are holding an emergency demonstration.

The rally was organized by the Houston Socialist Movement.

Together they are demanding no war on Syria. With signs and megaphones held on the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak in the Galleria Area, protesters demanded money for jobs and for schools, not for war.

Brandt Roberts said his initial reaction to the news last night made him feel like he was reliving 2003 all over again. "In the history of the U.S., we've seen the U.S. act as an imperial power bullying it's way through the Middle East historically. We know we have a right as citizens to stand up and say something, so we want to take advantage of that right today."

"We're urging our fellow Americans to take a strong stance against the U.S. escalating it's presence in Syria," explains Dr. David M. Smith as today's message.

Last night, President Trump announced a joint military operation in Syria with the U.K. and France assisting. The order called for military strikes in Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack near the Syrian capital of Demascus.

Pentagon officials announced that 105 missles had been fired in the strike at three targets. They said Syria shot 40 missiles into the air in response, but mostly after the strike was complete. There are no reports of civilian casualties at this time.


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