Adolf Hitler’s last bodyguard dies

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BERLIN, GERMANY – Wow, we did ‘Nazi” this next story coming. The last of Adolf Hitler’s bodyguards, Rochus Misch, is dead at 96-years-old. It’s believed he died after a short illness in Berlin. Though, come on, the real news here is: did anyone even know he was still alive?

Misch acted as the Fuehrer’s courier and telephone operator, in addition to bodyguard, for five years. But get this: Misch claims he knew nothing about the murdering of the Jews or the “Final Solution.”


The one person this bodyguard couldn’t protect Hitler from was Hitler himself. The Fuerher ended up committing suicide, along with his frau, Eva Braun. Misch was one of the first to find the bodies.

Before his death, Misch told media that Hitler was quote “a very normal man… He was no brute, he was no monster.”

Millions would beg to differ. Auf weidersehen, dude!



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