Affordable Healthcare numbers show little promise

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HOUSTON, TX – You know what they say: numbers don’t lie. But that doesn’t mean they tell the whole truth, either.

New healthcare figures are out and it’s doesn’t look good for Obamacare. While enrollment is up, it’s not the kind of enrollment the President was hoping for. 2.2 million people have signed-up for healthcare through the affordable healthcare marketplace so far. And of those 2.2 million, some 70% are between 35 and 64-years-old — the age-group more likely to draw from the system than they are to contribute.

“Obamacare is not living up to its promises,” House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor told reporters. “We’ve said all along that we believe the structure and design of the program is flawed.”

But there may be a reason behind the reason for those flawed numbers. According to a study by George Washington University, states that have been slow to embrace the system have contributed to low turn-out among young people.

“If you look at states that have set up their own state exchange – and Texas failed to do that, to ‘find a Texas solution to the insurance market issue’ – they have advertising, they have web outreach, they have billboards they have radio ads driving people into places like community outreach to get enrolled,” said Randall Ellis of Legacy Health Services.

A measly 118,000 Texans have signed-up for coverage since the marketplace opened and 65% of those were between 35 and 64. And while negative attitudes and the lack of statewide support has taken a toll on the program’s success, supporters say they are confident young folks will come around before the March 31st deadline.

If not, it could be a game changer for everyone.

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