After a tragic accident, Mr. Awesome’s legacy lives on

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MIAMI, FL – It’s just about pool weather now, and already one Miami family is forced to deal with an unthinkable tragedy when their 7-year-old son, Calder Sloan, died April 13th when he jumped into the family pool for the first time this season. The pool had been improperly grounded, and Calder was electrocuted.

A family friend started a social media campaign posting a picture; a self-portrait titled “Mr. Awesome” Calder drew a few months before his death.

The boy’s father, Chris Sloan, says of the boy in the picture, “The kid is happy and smiling, empathetic and beautiful and that’s who he was.”

With the words “adventure,” “laughter,” and “kindness” posted underneath, Mr. Awesome has gone viral ten times over.

“He was going to change the world so, in a small way.. you know it’s like he’s cheering up people’s day. And he’s certainly making us and our family feel better. It’s very cathartic,” Chris says of his son and the picture.

From Twitter to Facebook, even the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson have taken photos of themselves with Mr. Awesome.

Not only does this serve to celebrate and remember the life Calder lived, but also as a great reminder to parents with these summer months coming up.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental injury deaths for kids ages five and under, but this proves that’s not the only pool related danger out there. So print out this and take a picture with #MrAwesome, and help Calder’s legacy live on, while reminding parents to have their pool’s safety checked now, before summer, to hopefully make THIS pool related death the last to report this year.

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