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HOUSTON, TX – Our planet is beautiful… but with all the natural disasters we’ve had lately, our message to Earth is: chill out, give us a break! Breathe in and breathe out for a second. The devastation you’ve caused almost made us forget it’s Earth Day.

“I wish every day was Earth Day,” said Houston resident Davida Flowers. And lots of people around the flooded Bayou City wish it hadn’t rained so badly. Regardless: go smell the roses. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Even though most Earth Day events around H-Town will take place over the weekend, a group of volunteers at the Hermann Park Conservancy couldn’t wait to get out and help.  “We’re actually helping the park pull out weed and do various projects with planting,” explained Thy Mai, shovel in hand.

Earth Day is the day we renew our commitment to protecting the environment. “There’s a lot of pollution going on on the planet,” expressed Davida, “there’s a lot of hunger happening, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be so.”  “Earth Day means to plant a tree,” added Sean Hampton, “help clean up around the parks.” “That’s a good reminder of how we really need to pay attention and take better care of our world,” declared Jenny Meyer during a brief stop in her daily workout.  She’s convinced that keeping a healthy lifestyle is part of loving our planet.

Each person has their own way of honoring Earth on its day. But volunteer Thy Mai truly believes that “it’s all about making our world a better place for everyone to live.  Especially with all the parks we have here in Houston,” she exclaimed. “I think it’s important that we all get together as a community to help out.”

So, now you know: when you’re done throwing your wet furniture and carpet out on the street, take a walk, go to the park and celebrate the power of Nature.