Airbnb host cancels Houston man’s reservation for being gay

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HOUSTON – Whether it’s a job, a credit card, or a date, just about everybody knows what it’s like to be turned down for something.  A Houston man says he was turned down on Airbnb because he’s gay.

“It caught me so far off-guard,” says Buddy Fisher, who was making plans to attend the Austin Pride Festival in August.  After booking a reservation on the home-sharing website, he says about an hour later it was canceled.  Then, he received a message from the host.

Fisher says, it read “Sorry no LGBT people. I do not support people against humanity,” calling the message blatant discrimination, which will give any good Airbnb listing a bad curb appeal.

It was his first time using Airbnb, and like the saying goes, first impressions last forever.  Thankfully, Fisher packed his patience.  Airbnb removed the listing, and says it does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.  Fisher was given a refund.

When it comes to finding a good place to stay for your getaway, there’s no room for bigotry.



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