Al-Qaeda frees hundreds of inmates in Iraq prison breaks

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ABU GHRAIB, IRAQ – You might say the war against al-Qaeda just found itself between Iraq and a hard place.

As many as 500 prisoners, including top members of al-Qaeda, are free today after their terrorist buddies blasted their way into the infamous Abu Ghraib prison outside of Baghdad and the al-Taji prison north of the city.

Abu Ghraib is the prison where U.S. and coalition troops abused Iraqi prisoners of war after the fall of Iraq.

The prison breaks killed or wounded scores of other inmates and prison guards. Iraq’s justice ministry says it was a coordinated attack using suicide car bombers to blast through the walls.

Iraq’s al-Qaeda leader, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, said last year that freeing Muslims from prisons everyone is his top priority, along with killing judges, investigators and guards.

In the meantime, Iraqi citizens are caught in the middle of what looks to be the start of civil war involving al-Qaeda, Sunnis and Shiites. Bombings and fighting in recent months have killed dozens of people, civilians and soldiers.

And now the worst of the worst are free again.

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