Al-Qaeda video appears to show crying teenage terrorist just before suicide mission

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FUA, SYRIA – We see the all-too-familiar scenes of suicide bombers, but after their deadly attacks.

But we rarely get a chance to get up-close and personal with a bomber just before the suicide mission.

That’s what makes an al-Qaeda video so eerie, yet intriguing.

It supposedly shows a teenage boy from Uzbekistan, barely old enough to grow stubble on his chin, surrounded by his jihadist buddies in a scene that looks more like the end of a booze-filled frat weekend than the start of a mission of death.

We’re not sure why someone marked Xs on his face and body, except maybe to help identify whatever is left of him.

At first, Jafar (that’s the name heard on the video) looks happy, eager, ready to go.

But that youthful anticipation turns quickly into what appears to be tears for fears of what’s about to happen.

As he weeps, his fellow jihadists, those not going to their deaths, offer him encouragement.

Jafar says he’s crying because he’s afraid, afraid of not succeeding.

Finally, Jafar drives his armored vehicle to the Syrian village of Fua, where he apparently completed his suicide mission.

A mushroom cloud is about all that is left of Jafar.

His attack was part of a larger al-Qaeda-led assault involving several suicide attacks and more than 200 rockets against the village.

If al-Qaeda hoped to use the video to recruit other young suicide terrorists, the image of a crying teen may have the opposite effect.

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