Al Sharpton pays a visit to Houston Community College

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HOUSTON, TX – Just one week of Black History Month is left, and Houston Community College is making the most of it.

Al Sharpton paid a visit to the school’s West Loop campus, on a mission to inspire local middle school, high school and college students.

“You have got to be the head of your own fan club,” he told them. “You’ve got to believe in yourself if no one believes in you.”

The reverend was in Houston to discuss one of his latest projects — improving school dropout rates — and the theme he emphasized throughout was: “It starts with you.”

“It’s not about not dropping out of school, dropping out of college,” he said. “It’s about not dropping out on yourself…it is all about setting your sights on your goals, so you can go forward and do what must be done.”

The reverend also let students in on a little scoop from a recent meeting with President Obama, revealing that the prez will be unveiling his own initiative to improve high minority dropout rates in the near future.

So what did the students take from the reverend’s message?

“I think Dr. Sharpton let students know that you have to be that independent person, you have to be the one that is able to stand up for yourself,” one student said.

Inspiring words to motivate the future leaders of Houston and beyond.


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