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AUSTIN, TX – She might reign as the Queen of Pop, but that doesn’t mean Madonna can get away with doing whatever she wants.

At a New York Film Festival screening of ‘12 Years a Slave’, Madonna was reportedly being a product of the world we live in and incessantly texting throughout the movie. As the story goes, someone called her out. She reportedly snapped back with “It’s for business… enslaver!”

Hold up. Did the Material Girl just compare herself to a slave? We hope not.

But the person who seems to be most offended wasn’t even there.

Anyone who knows anything about Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas knows it’s strict “no talking or texting” policy. People get kicked out for that.

Madge probably has no intention of ever stepping foot inside one of the Texas theaters, but that didn’t stop founder and CEO Tim League from tweeting, “Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @drafthouse.”

Not surprisingly, Madonna has yet to express herself on the matter.