Alleged Jewish center gunman was a rat

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OVERLAND PARK, KS – Days after three people are shot and killed outside Jewish centers near Kansas City, more information is available about the shooter, and victims.

Terri Lamanno was an occupational therapist who worked with kids. 14-year-old Reat Underwood was on the way to a singing audition with his grandfather, William Corporon, who was a family doctor.

“They literally had just pulled into a parking place and opened the doors to get out. They were ambushed,” says Will Corporon, son and uncle of two victims.

As Lamanno, Underwood and Corporon are being remembered, prosecutors are pursuing hate crime charges against their alleged killer.

Frazier Glenn Cross appears to have been an active anti-Semite and white supremacist for decades, and now information is emerging that about his involvement in a North Carolina triple homicide back in the eighties. The Daily Beast reports that Cross faced 200 years in prison, so he cut a deal with prosecutors to rat out some other guys, who ended up getting off.

Cross’s history raises a lot of red flags, including his hate-filled political campaigns. In a TV interview with local news about eight years ago, he said:  “We’re going to take back our country by whatever means necessary.”

What’s necessary now is for him to be forgotten, and the victims to be remembered.


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