Alleged purse snatcher nabbed by passing funeral procession

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – And now, a story from the funeral beat. And by funeral beat, we mean funeral “beat down”.

Joe Carpenter’s bad luck was to be caught beating on an elderly woman just as a funeral procession was passing by. He was still holding her purse when they got him.

Robert Garcia was in the funeral procession for a relative. “We were going really, really slow. So, as we passed this bus stop, there was this elderly lady. A gentleman was knocking her around and was pulling on her purse.”

Garcia, his brother, and several others chased the would-be purse snatcher because, he says, standing by and doing nothing wasn’t even an option.

“Before I turned around, about 8 of the mourners were all around him getting him down. And then we flagged the police officer that was guiding the procession.”

Police arrested Carpenter and charged him with aggravated robbery.

But his real punishment may come when his new jail friends find out that he couldn’t outrun a funeral after mugging an old lady.


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