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MASON COUNTY, Wash. — Many of us have that weird little thing we like, but Washington authorities had to put their foot down after finding one resident reportedly engaging in a fetish that’s made several women beyond uncomfortable.

Known in the neighborhood as the ‘Sleeper Creeper,’ deputies said the suspect has broken into the homes of at least nine women and has taken pictures of their bare feet as the victim’s slept.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office has arrested and charged Chase Garner, 22, with breaking and entering along with other offenses.

“We’re hoping to identify the people or the houses in which these photos were taken,” Mason County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Travis Adams said.

Jerica Northness, the ninth victim, said, “You just feel violated.”

“To think, somebody’s in your house filming you, and you don’t even know I— that’s just scary!” resident Kelly Turner said.

Reports said the suspect doesn’t just stop at feet, he’s been accused of swiping ladies panties, too.

“His behavior is abhorrent, and it could potentially be dangerous, at least to himself and maybe to the women,” psychologist Dr. Roger Libby said.

Bethany Brown, 17, has been victimized by the suspect twice, according to reports.

“He was standing on this chair up here like this and he was touching my feet about right here,” Brown said.

Although the suspect has been caught, some of the women worry about what will happen when he gets out.

“This isn’t his first time,” Northness said. “He’s only getting better.”

That’s enough to make you go to bed with your boots on!