Amanda Knox convicted of murder in Italy… again

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FLORENCE, ITALY – If it sounds like double jeopardy, it is.

It’s also what will keep Amanda Knox from returning to an Italian prison.

An Italian appeals court has convicted Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Rafaele Sollecito, of murdering British student Meredith Kercher.

They’re the same charges the couple was convicted of in 2009, then acquitted of in 2011.

But since Knox is American, she won’t be extradited in order to serve her 28 1/2 year sentence.

Sollecito might not be so lucky. He got 25 years. But this nightmare isn’t over. There’s still another appeal.

Knox says this whole process and “unjust verdict” will bring no consolation to the Kercher family.

Innocent or guilty, in all of these trials there has been no sufficient evidence that Knox and Sollecito killed Kercher.


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