HOUSTON (KIAH) UPDATE 12:30PM – The boy has been found safe

Pearland Police have launched an Amber Alert after a report of the kidnapping of child. Police say the caller directed them to the 2100 block of Country Place Pkwy.

The caller told Police that she went to Westside Event Center with her three children to inquire about cheer leading and football programs for her kids during a football practice that was taking place. The caller exited her vehicle with her daughter while the other two children stayed in the vehicle.

Two female witnesses that were at the practice observed a black female in her late 20s early 30s, with long straight black hair, standing 59 and possibly weighing 180 pounds, wearing an orange shirt taking a child from a white Chevrolet Malibus driver side rear window.

The suspect female then got into a silver or gray SUV with the child before driving out the parking lot southbound on Country Place Pkwy.

The witnesses also advised that they were unable to obtain a license plate but remembered orange characters on the plate.

The missing childs description is as follows: 6-year-old black male with short black hair, a black mole on the top right side of his lip, wearing a white Addidas shirt, black Nike pants, and all red tennis shoes. The child does not have any known disabilities.

The childs name is Amari Daniel Baylor and an Amber Alert has been issued.

Anyone with information should contact Pearland Police Department at 281 997-4100.