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MINNEAPOLIS, MN -Native Americans have the Redskins circling the wagons, so to speak.

In Minneapolis this week, demonstrators with the American Indian movement marched on the Vikings/Redskins game.

They say the Redskins mascot is racist and they want the team to change it.

Even the Washington, DC city council is on the attack with a resolution calling for a change.

But team owner Daniel Snyder says that ain`t gonna happen. And he`s even put it in writing, in a letter to season ticket holders, calling the name a ‘badge of honor’.

Meanwhile, this guy is coming under fire out in California`s Coachella Valley High School.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee wants the school to boot the Arab because it enforces negative stereotypes of Arabs and Arab Americans.

The town says the mascot honors Arabs, adding that most of the dates grown in the u-s come from Coachella Valley, and Mecca, California, is just down the road.

Sometimes, changing a mascot is no-brainer, like the former Chinks of Pekin, Illinois, high school.

Here in Texas, we understand interesting mascots, like the Robstown Cotton Pickers.

But we like the Rhode Island School Of Design Nads. ‘Go Nads!’