Americans would rather be skinny than debt-free

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a question for the ages. Modern-ages, at least. Would you rather be thin and broke, or fat and debt-free? Well, a new survey shows exactly how shallow we’ve become. A new poll by Credit Karma shows that nearly 75% of people say they’d rather be thin than debt-free, proving yet again that Americans tend to care more about their looks than their finances.

Credit Karma surveyed 2,000 people. What would you choose?

“I think I would choose to be debt free,” Houstonian Samuel Ndegwa says.

For Tim Brooks, there’s no hesitation, “Debt free.”

In fact, just about everybody we asked said the same thing.

“When you’re debt free, you have opportunity to focus on other things, like fitness,” Ndegwa points out.

“You’re happier when you don’t owe anybody any money,’ Brooks adds. ‘If you owe money, you’re not happy.”

Maybe that’s the sensible approach that helped Texas fare so well during the recession. But not everyone agrees. After all there have to be a few real Americans even here in Texas. David Norris, for instance, “If I had the choice between being debt free and having the perfect body, I would choose having the perfect body.”

But even among the vain in this state, there are still sensibilities.

“I’m getting older,’ Norris explains, ‘and every time I get up out of a chair or get out of bed, aches and pains, and I can always pay my debts down, but I can never get my body back exactly the way I’d like it.”

Spoken like a fortune cookie.


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