America’s most depressing jobs

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HOUSTON, TX – Now here’s a bummer of a story. We’re talking the most depressing jobs in America!

Number 1 on the list of jobs driving you to tears are cabbies and bus drivers.

Khaled Hassan, a Houston cab driver for more than 20 years ,spends hours waiting for fares. He’s not surprised.

“It’s not an easy job, it’s very tough,” says Hassan. “When you leave your home, you don’t know when you’re going back.”

Other joyless jobs that rank high on the list are those in the real estate, social services and manufacturing sectors.

But not all gigs are so glum; some posts are positive.

Jobs in repair, oil and gas and amusement and recreation services rank at the bottom for the blues.

At Houston’s Museum of Natural Science, we confirmed that finding about recreation jobs.

“It’s hard not to smile when a butterfly lands on your shoulder and you see all these orchids in bloom, so it’s a little piece of paradise in here,” according to Zac Stayton who works at the museum.

“Uplifting, encouraging. The people as well as the place that you’re looking at, absolutely gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to come to work everyday?” agreed Corey Green.

So maybe there’s a ray of hope for those depressed drivers.


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