America’s drunkest cities

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HOUSTON, TX – Congratulations Bakersfield, CA! Actually, congratulations may not be the best word in this scenario.

We all like to get our drink on, right?

Bakersfield maybe likes it a little too much.

According to Men’s Health, Bakersfield, CA is the most dangerously drunk city in the states, based on binge drinking rates and alcohol-related traffic accidents.

Two of the most drunk cities in the top ten are from Texas: San Antonio and Austin, which makes sense considering Texas leads all other states with the most drunk driving deaths.

Chicago, New York City and Plano, TX are all amongst some of the most sober cities, with Salt Lake City taking the stone-cold sober top spot.

Where’s Houston? Houston is right in the exact middle! Apparently we have a balance of drunkeness to sobriety.


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