And the award for ‘Most Influential Candy Bar of All Time’ goes to…

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HOUSTON, TX – We want you to think long and hard about chocolate.

OK, out of all the candy bars you got floating around in your head, which one do you think should be the most influential candy bar of all time?

Well, if you guessed the one with the famous ‘Gimme a Break’ jingle, you’re right!

“It’s a good candy, but it’s not one of my favorites. I’m more of a pure chocolate kind of guy,” said one man.

“The chocolate is not as thick. It’s just kind of melted over it. Take it from a fat kid, I know,” said another.

Time magazine also talked to a bunch of people who know, like candy experts and historians. And, they figured the Kit Kat should be their winner because it was the first candy to be marketed around the concept of sharing.

Not only that, they found the Kit Kat was also one of the first candy bars to earn a global following. Because, who doesn’t like a bunch of followers these days, right?

The Kit Kat bar beat out Hershey’s, Toblerone, Nestle’s and Snickers in the top five. But, wait, all this talk about chocolate, anybody else hungry?

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