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VIRGINIA – What’s for dinner tonight? Chicken? Well, once you see this video, you may never look at your chicken nuggets the same way again.

Compassion Over Killing, an animal rights group, secretly recorded disturbing video at Tyson foods chicken farms in Virginia. It shows workers punching, kicking, and throwing chickens by their fragile wings. In a practice called, “boning,” workers shove a plastic rod through male chickens’ beaks, to keep them from eating certain foods.

The video also shows what an assembly line of vaccinations looks like.  Workers callously grab the chickens, poke them with needles, and then throw them to the ground. One worker says what everyone is thinking, “makes you not want to eat them, right?”

Birds are violently thrown and stuffed into transport cages, others are run over with forklifts and severely wounded birds are thrown into piles and left to die.

After viewing the outrageous video, Tyson foods released a statement saying, “We do not tolerate animal abuse and have fired ten people who were members of this crew. (They) were all trained in proper animal handling, yet chose to ignore it and failed to alert management about the despicable treatment on these farms.”

Tyson is also taking immediate action. Company officials said they’re meeting with chicken farmers to reemphasize the importance of proper animal handling. The company said it is currently deciding whether to pursue criminal charges against the people in the video. They’ve also stopped the brutal practice of beak modification.