Another day, another round of protests

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HOUSTON, TX – A group gathered in front of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Houston Tuesday to appeal to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which is currently housed inside. Their message was not just centered on justice for Trayvon Martin.

“We are getting petitions signed for an independent civilian review board with subpoena power, proper funding and prosecutorial power,” said activist Kofi Taharka.

Taharka has been part of a group that has been protesting regularly since the Chad Holly video depicting police brutality came out over two years ago. They want a civilian review board put in place to promote greater transparency. Taharka says this is necessary ‘when we have police that kill people and wannabe police like George Zimmerman.’

In the meantime, counter-protestors were also on the scene downtown. Their message centered on the credibility of local activist Quanell X.

“The research came up that Quanell X has been race baiting and stirring this up for a long time,” says Carl Haggard.

Quanell X has organized several protests demanding justice for Trayvon Martin since George Zimmerman was acquitted. He was not part of today’s events.


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