Another day, another video of another Chicago police shooting

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CHICAGO, IL – Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel told members of the city council that he’s sorry about last year’s shooting of black teen Laquan McDonald by white police officer Jason Van Dyke.

“We need a painful and honest reckoning of what went wrong.  Not just in this one instance, but over decades,” he said.

Emanuel’s remarks come amid investigations and calls for his resignation.

And now there’s another video of another shooting. This one of 17-year-old Cedrick Chatman killed by police in 2013.

A federal judge is still deciding whether to release the video that may show chatman was holding a cell phone and not a gun as stated by the officer.

“We need a painful and honest reckoning of what went wrong. Not just in this one instance, but over decades,” Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

Brian Coffman is the Chatman family attorney. “Approximately three to four seconds lapses and the first bullet is fired. And he is dead within eight seconds of getting out of his car and running."

Prosecutors didn’t charge the cop, but they did charge the two guys with Chatman in the stolen vehicle, charged them with first-degree murder even though they were at least 10 blocks away when Chatman was shot.

Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority, the IPRA, says cops have shot 409 individuals since 2007, 127 of them fatally. That’s about one person shot every week for the past eight years.

And of the 260 closed cases, reviews found deadly force was justified 97 percent of the time.

This might be one reason the FBI says it will expand how it tracks fatal police shootings and other violent encounters with officers around the country. The new system will include the use of stun guns, pepper spray, fists, and feet. Another example of how a deadly weapon doesn’t have to include a barrel and a bullet.

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