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HOUSTON, TX – Chicken and waffles are a southern staple, but pairing poultry with the breakfast bread is only one of the limitless combinations explored by the creative minds at The Waffle Bus.

“We do sweet and savory waffle sandwiches. Basically, we put anything on a waffle,” Waffle Bus owner Phi Nguyen put it plainly, “I just wanted to do something different, something Houston doesn’t have. In the south we love chicken and waffles, but we’re a food truck so we needed something portable, so why not turn it into a sandwich?”

So, that’s exactly what Nguyen did. He and his staff spend their time-serving up everything from the basics to the mind-blowing. They have their very own version of sliders, which they call ‘fryders’, which consist of mini cheeseburgers with waffle fries for the bun. Nguyen and company have even gone so far as to put salmon on a waffle.

It’s evident, though, that the waffle wonders are working.

Chew on this, the original one-bus operation is growing. Nguyen is currently in the process of building his third bus and has plans for a brick-and-mortar spot in the future. Until then, they’ll be roaming the streets of Houston, catering parties and feeding you at festivals, frying up finger-licking goodness on The Waffle Bus.