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HOUSTON, Tx – Gangs in Katy schools? That’s what Katy ISD suspects is happening at McDonald Junior High, at least after one incident.

A fight in a school restroom between ten kids, but wait, according to the district, they believe one of the kids volunteered to be assaulted by the others as part of gang-related activity.

We’re not sure how widespread the problem is, but some parents are concerned.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of graffiti in our neighborhood which really surprises me because it’s a nice community but I wasn’t expecting that,” said Jacqueline Dolezal.

“I’ve seen bullying, a lot of bullying with the gangs. I’ve also seen a lot of kids that are in school that are really frightened from the gangs,” according to Lucinda.

No arrest were made in the McDonald Junior High altercation, and the kids received disciplinary action according to district guidelines, but is there anything that can be done to stop gang problems?

“I feel like the foundation starts at home. I teach them about not provoking violence or being part of violence. I think it can be prevented in the school,” explained Cambrian Holloway.

In this situation, kids being kids? Or the seed to a bigger problem?

“I think the main thing is the parents need to start taking control of their kids, that’s my opinion but I think there needs to harsher punishment in the schools for that,” added Dolezal.

Hopefully, an isolated incident that won’t grow out of control.