Are Houston’s potholes being fixed?

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HOUSTON, TX – We figured it’s about time to check in on the potholes that we’ve been uncovering over the past few weeks; you know, just to make sure the city’s doing its job.

Kicking things off we start with the pothole on West Airport and Fondren. No big surprises there, not only is it not patched- it’s worse!

Let’s go over to the pothole on Westheimer at Taft. This one was pretty bad, and right in front of a bus stop.

What’s it look like today? It’s all patched up; no more splashes at the bus stop.

Head down Westheimer a bit further and you’ll come across a crazy pothole in front of Empire Cafe in Montrose. It too was all patched up.

Great, now that’s what we like to see.

Do you remember the girl who blew out her tire?

That was the nasty duo of holes on Richmond by Walnut Bend. Guess it took a girl blowing her tire out to get this one fixed; because now it’s all patched up. It’s a spotty job; probably won’t stay patched for long.

How about that pothole at Richmond and Unity? Well this one was pretty bad too; but not anymore. It too has been patched!

Our latest pothole at Westheimer and Fountain View isn’t patched yet; but we’ll give them some slack due to it being in a super high traffic area.

4 out of 6 were patched, not too bad!

We’re going to keep blowing the cover off these potholes around town, so check back next week to see what pothole we have in store for you. It just might be the one that’s driving you nuts!

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