Are PD’s finally figuring out firing is the way to cool tensions?

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You've got a split second to make a decision, and if you choose wrong, you will need to choose a lawyer.

Which brings me to them.

Sandra Bland and Christian Taylor. Two people are dead, and the two cases feel the same.

But, what's going on here? Officer Brad Miller in Arlington is fired because, we're told, he shouldn't have gone into the car dealership alone.

But the Texas state trooper who pulled over Sandra Bland is still on the job, but behind a desk.

Does it make sense to you?

It feels like DPS is letting due process play out, while the Arlington PD gave Officer Miller his due rather quickly.

You think the folks here may have been looking at stories like this?

Have you seen this map on There are 1,091 red dots on it, each representing a case where an officer killed someone since the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson a year ago. It's unscientific and many of these cases are suicide by cop, where someone wanted to die. 

But does that mean there are more cop shootings than, say, a few years ago?

The point is we are all aware of this kind of thing now, from Ferguson to Baltimore to Staten Island and now in Texas.

I'm sure their lawyers gave Arlington PD thumbs up before Miller got the boot -- and that may not be good news for anyone else wearing a badge nationwide, because the heat on  police departments is intense right now and you have to wonder if Arlington PD figured it could cool things down with a firing.


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