Are your Twitter followers fake?

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – No one likes spam. Whether it’s through e-mail or social media, spam can be really annoying. And if you’re on Twitter, you know all too well that the Twitter-verse isn’t immune to the fakers. This especially goes for celebrity Twitter accounts. Sure they’ve got millions of followers, but a lot of those followers are big, fat, phonies!

A report came out showing that Justin Bieber had a lot of fake Twitter followers. So the folks down at Gizmodo did their own study using ‘Status People’s Fake Follower Check’ and here’s what they found out.

Katy Perry has nearly 35 million followers, but nearly 17 million of those are fake.

Lady Gaga came in at number two with more than 16 million fakes.

President Obama has nearly 30 million followers, and nearly 15 million fake followers.

We all know Taylor Swift’s relationships are always in trouble, but it looks like her Twitter account is also in trouble. She’s got nearly 27 million followers, with nearly 14 million fake ones.

Rounding off the top 5 is Britney Spears. She’s got close to 26 million, but 11 million of those are fake.


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