Arian Foster sued by pregnant side chick for harassment

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arianHOUSTON, TX – As if the Texans hadn’t embarrassed us enough this season, now our favorite running back is accused of doing a little back-peddling.

20-Year old Brittany Norwood has filed a restraining order and is suing Arian Foster alleging he and his brother tried to get her to abort she and Arian’s supposed love-child.

Speaking of Foster-children; Arian’s already got two kids with his wife!

Brittany claims she’s got a DNA test in hand, however, and says she can prove Arian’s the father. So, if this turns out to be true then Foster dropped the ball on that whole ’till death do us part’ commitment.

Brittany says the baby’s due in June.

No word from her attorneys or Arian Foster’s people.

Perhaps they’re running out the clock, or they’re all scrambling for Wednesday’s court appearance on the harassment issue.

Either way, Brittany seems to have a ‘firm grip’ on the super-star athlete. Dare we say, she’s grabbing the bull by the horns?!

So, while Foster can clearly handle bumping ‘big uglies’, play-time’s over.

Will one side fumble in the court room? Who knows? This is why wearing a helmet (in every situation) is so important!

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