Arkansas waitress says co-worker owes her half of $300K scratch-off lottery winnings

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STUTTGART, Ark. - There's some bad blood brewing in Arkansas after a pair of waitresses received a winning lotto ticket from their boss named 'Lucky.'

Yep, Lucky spread some holiday cheer by purchasing scratch-off lottery tickets from a local liquor store for his waitstaff.

"He always gets them, and he always wins," Leslie Underwood, a waitress at Sportsmans Drive-In, laughed. "He told us whatever we won, it would be split between us for our Christmas bonus."

And as luck would have it, one waitress -- Mandy -- hit pay dirt after scratching off a $300,000 payout!

"We were both reading the back of it trying to find the little, 'You're pranked!' but no, it was a real one," Leslie confirmed.

Mandy and her co-worker-- Leslie-- would each get $150,000 bucks if they split the winnings.

"We talked about how life-changing it would be and what we were going to do with this money," Leslie recalled.

But then Mandy had another idea.

"She decided to take it and run," Leslie said.

Mandy hasn't returned to work.

"I asked, 'Is she sick or something?' and she said 'It's a long story,'" another waitress at Sportsmans Drive-In, Haley Johnson, remarked.

But Mandy's picture with a $300,000 dollar check showed up.

"It's a little emotional," Leslie tearfully shared.

The two waitresses were best friends for nearly a decade.

"I helped her get the job, put in a good word, stuck my neck out for her, let her stay with me so she didn't have to drive back and forth," Leslie revealed.

But now Mandy is singing a different tune.

"Lucky told us here at the bar, 'Y'all won't be friends after this,'" Leslie explained. "Now we see."

Mandy may still learn something about Karma, but now everyone has learned a pricey lesson: money changes everything.


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