Armless man shreds on the guitar with his feet

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MODESTO, CA – Some people are musically inclined, others, not so much. But for George Dennehy, his love of music and ability to play came natural, despite his disability.

“I was born in Romania, and I was born without arms,” he said.

But getting to the point of playing with ease was a struggle. When George was born, he was rejected by his village in Romania.

“There’s a superstition that when a baby’s not born perfect or completely healthy that they were believed to be cursed by God,” he explained.

After a year and a half neglected in an orphanage, he was adopted. When he was 8 years old, everything changed.

“My mom signed me up for music lessons, and I started playing the cello. Then, when I got to be in middle school and high school, I started picking up the guitar and the bass guitar,” he said.

After learning to play, Dennehy says he went from feeling sorry for himself, to a much more positive tune.

“Every life has a purpose, and God created everyone for a reason,” he said.

Now George looks to music to keep his head up. Aside from playing guitar, Dennehy is using the power of his voice to share his story with others around the world, that anything really is possible.


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