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HOUSTON – Kimi Bainter is an artist and a Star Wars fan.

“I love Yoda…. he`s always been my favorite since I was a kid. Raising Luke`s ship out of the swamp… I just love that.”

Kimi`s love for the ‘Jedi Master’ inspired her to turn her Nissan Versa into a Yoda Head for the 29th Annual Houston Art Car Parade.

“The roof is all bowed up, like his head. I was like oh my gosh- it`s gotta be Yoda`s face.”

What started as a face has turned into a full head, complete with ears and hair.

Yoda Head already has a few lights but Kimi plans to add ‘tons’ more.

“It`s going to have lights all through the face. Every line is going to have lights on it – everything. It`s going to be really awesome when I`m done with it.”

By Saturday`s parade, Yoda is gonna glow more than the exploding Death Star.

No matter how fantastic we think it is… like most artists, Kimi is her worst critic.

“And the eyes are going to be changed because I don`t like them, I`m going to change them again.”

There`s no doubt parade goers will be feeling the “Force”, when they get a look at Kimi Bainter and her Yoda Head Art Car.