‘Arthur’ creator to make adult spin-off after edgy memes go viral

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ARLINGTON, Va. — Remember Arthur, that lovable little cartoon aardvark on PBS? Well, after the past couple weeks on Twitter, even his friends may not be talking to him.

Seems the internet has kicked Kermit (“But that’s none of my business“) to the curb, and turned Arthur into one mischievous meme after another.

Some are clever like the one that reads, “Yeah ima listen to your soundcloud bro I got you.” Look closer at picture of Arthur wearing headphones, and you notice the headphone earmuffs are nowhere near his ears.

Many are much more adult than the sweet cartoon itself. Take the one of DW, Arthur’s little sister, squatting down on the floor next to a pair of legs. It reads, “When he bought you and ya girl some drinks now ya’ll dodging him in the club.



And some are just way too dirty, like Arthur getting squirted in the eye with milk . We can’t even tell you what that one says, but it has to do with his friend Binky’s virility. Use your imagination.

This trend has got a lot of folks acting a fool. And why not? It’s hilarious!

Not so funny, though, is the “real-looking” story that’s also spread like wildfire: “Arthur creator says black people ruin everything.”

Cartoonist Marc Brown, 70, did not actually say that. In fact, when Brown’s son told him about the memes, he thought they were hilarious. (That is, after his son explained what a meme was). He liked the idea so much, Brown has begun working on a spin-off for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.

Arthur himself was not so amused, posting his own meme on his official twitter page: “I’ve been taken out of context” along with a smirking smiley emoji.

Nice to know even big companies like PBS can still take a joke.

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