‘Ashley Madison’ site for cheaters gets a facelift and a new reboot, to boot!

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Toronto, Canada – Good news for folks looking for a fling on the side.

Remember the site for cheaters– ‘Ashley Madison’– that got hacked last year “exposing” millions of clients?

Well….they’re back!

The parent company– Avid Life Media– just announced its new name ‘Ruby’ Corporation, trying to sound a little more feminine.

They also have a new CEO and a new president who are making some bold promises.  New CEO Rob Segal explained, “We’ve partnered with Deloitte’s cyber security team to implement new privacy safeguards and 24/7 monitoring.”

It might be hard to imagine hack-proof service after last year’s debacle, but hey, even cheaters have to try, try again!

The site ditches it’s controversial slogan, “Life’s short. Have an affair” and instead encourages users to “Find your moment.”

But while Ashley Madison has been laying-low, competitors like Tinder have come along with better mobile platforms, so it’s going to take a lot to lure would-be cheaters back into the fold.

That’s why the site is also launching TV ads for the first time. “Have we met before?” one ad concludes with a song.

The company says all this is being done to create “the world’s most open-minded and discreet dating site.”

So, welcome back, Ashley Madison….and welcome to ‘dating’ in the 21st century.

The company’s new leaders promise….the best is yet to come!



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